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  Reagents SIGMA-ALDRICH and Supelco Analytical
  Toronto Research Chemicals
  Balances and laboratory instruments METTLER TOLEDO
  Incubators, climatic and temperature chambers BINDER
  Laboratory instruments EPPENDORF
  Laminar Flow Cabinets ESCO
  Ultra pure water systems
  Water baths, thermostats, cryothermostats
  Muffle furnaces
  Gerhardt laboratory instruments
  FRITSCH laboratory instruments for sample preparation and particle size analysis.
  Technology for Vacuum Systems VACUUBRAND
  Safety laboratory gas burners, electrical sterilization
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In 1846, C. Gerhardt was founded by Dr. Ludwig Clamor Marquart as "Marquart's Lager chemischer Utensilien" in Bonn. This makes the company one of the oldest laboratory suppliers in the world still in existance. In 1872, Carl Gerhardt bought the company and renamed it "C. Gerhardt Fabrik & Lager chemischer Apparate" - a name that guarantees quality and innovation ever since. In 1918, Dr. Walter Gerhardt, the son of Carl Gerhardt took over the company. After his death in 1958, Dr. Wolfgang Macke, a grandson of Carl Gerhardt became the owner of the company. Since 1975, his son Dr. Til Macke has been the CEO of the company. He acquired a large property in the industrial area of Königswinter-Oberdollendorf and the company was moved out there in 2003. Thus, the fifth generation with Jan and Tom Macke, have now a solid base again from where they will be leading Gerhardt into a successful future.

Today, emphasis is put on working closely with customers. The constantly growing demands of the market are met by user-friendly and state-of-the-art equipment developed by the highly innovative R & D department. The construction of advanced electronic controls along with the sophisticated software they require is the main task of nowadays. Furthermore, the introduction of the CE label meets the highest level of safety standards. Today, each product leaving C. Gerhardt has a CE label. The complete production process of all Gerhardt products from development to shipment is constantly monitored under quality management systems.

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